Frank's spectacular show starts when he lifts the wheels from the runway and rolls the Cyclone just after takeoff. Pulling back on the stick heads the Cyclone up over the top and back towards show center. Flying a graceful barrel roll with smoke trailing Frank shows off the power of the Cyclone. A great photo opportunity!
The roar of the Pratt & Whitney 985 engine brings you back to the thirties when airplanes were racing for recognition, and aviation was trying to find its way as a new mode of transportation.
Next, a series of incredible acrobatic maneuvers keeps your attention glued to the Cyclone as Frank flies it through loops and figure eights, to gyroscopic maneuvers. Pulling up from the surface, Frank takes the Cyclone vertically in an ever-decreasing spiral that terminates in a torque roll. The power of the Cyclone is evident as it hangs from the propeller while rolling about the engine's axis. Slowly, the Cyclone slips backwards as it traverses towards the earth. As the engine roars and the propeller stalls, the Cyclone continues to slide backwards out of control. The thought passes your mind will it recover? Alas! After the seeming endless slide backwards, the Cyclone swaps ends and is flying again. Roaaar! Back to the heavens again as Frank relentlessly pursues the perfect flight.